Medicinal Chemistry Conference 2013

Medicinal Chemistry Conference 2013, July 17-20, CA, USA
With attrition still too high, and the drug discovery industry undergoing transformation and reshaping, the position of medicinal chemistry has perhaps never been so exposed and the demands on it so high. At the same time, where and how we carry out our drug discovery is also changing. However, the need for innovative new therapeutics which improve human health remains strong, so while this is a challenging period in drug discovery science, from adversity comes opportunity to improve the quality and creativity of our discipline, and extend our influence into new scientific applications. With this in mind, we have assembled a stimulating and exciting conference programme which reflects the full spectrum of modern medicinal chemistry practitioners - pharma, big and small, alongside biotechs, academics and contract research organisations, taking on the exciting challenges of new modalities, stem cells, chemical biology while still developing the very best techniques of drug design and computational techniques.
Silverado Resort and Spa, Napa Valley California, USA.